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What is the eCoaching Model?

A one-to-one practice based on active discussion, developing strategy and monitoring progress. It's an out-of-office coaching that focuses chiefly on your development, which happens through the modules we interact in.

Every module consists of interactive sessions organized on weekends on a fortnightly basis over Personal Meetings or Skype spread across 3 (Three) months.

Each session is an interactive meeting between the coach and the newly joined managers, from one person to a small group depending on the content of the session with an aim to ensure that the best learning and practice takes place in this session.

The modules have been designed to keep focus on short bursts; brief steps taken in right direction leads one to achieving the big goals. Since this is an on-going process throughout one's career, we believe a long-term partnership adds tremendous value.


Why the need for eCoaching?

  • The initial years are critical. Coming fresh from a B-School and joining a corporate that has its own unique working philosophy, the young manager can find it difficult to perform when his values are not aligned with the standards the organization professes to follow. Consequently, this leads to lack of motivation and inefficiency with regards to the current responsibilities.

  • The new world is deeply-connected. Keeps getting smaller. Roles and profiles can merge and change paths frequently. It's important to be aware of one's place in this complex structure.

  • Majority of career crisis & frequent job changes have their roots during the first three years after one graduates. Understanding the fundamentals, accepting the realities and building the right strategies is essential.

  • Easier to change oneself in the first three years than the later part of one’s career. Imperative to set strong foundations that help you tide over storms over the years

  • Becoming a leader doesn't work in isolation. Strong support gives you objective view and honest feedback helping you realize your vision. As self-evolution is a life-long process, so is the relationship with a coach.

  • Always pays to be in sync with reality – how the real world works. Significant to be self-aware and build the ability of reflection.


eCoaching answers critical questions:
  • Where am I now?

  • What can I be the best at in this world?

  • Where do I want to be and by when?

  • What needs to be done to get me there?

  • What best drives my economic & resource engine?


eCoaching helps the manager focus on:
  • Finding one's objectives – short and long term goals

  • Setting a vision that highlights the meaningful path ahead

  • Achieving your vision by preparation, developing skills & monitoring performance


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